Nick Morris

Nick Morris travels the country sharing his story in hopes of inspiring and motivating others through his experience in a refinery explosion. He sustained severe injuries to his hands, knees, face, and head all ranging from 2nd to 3rd degree burns. His airway, including his vocal chords, was damaged as well. He has had several operations so that he can have better use of his hands and remaining digits. He is proud to say that with God, his family, and friends he has learned to take what was a life changing, traumatic event to teach others of the importance of safety in the workplace at all times and the proper use of their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

He is available to speak to any size group whether it is for a safety meeting or a turnaround and outage. He would also be available to answer any questions following his presentation. Let him share with you how God has given him, the opportunity to change lives and change attitudes on a personal or professional level.