Noreen LaBatt

Cancer got the girls, the girls got even. Meet Noreen. She turned a near-death experience into a life-affirming comedy act. One that will have cancer survivors (and their doctors, nurses, caregivers, and family) rolling in her laughing gas.

Diagnosed with breast cancer after her very first mammogram at 40, “Thanks for the Mamories” is a brilliantly funny, one-woman act that pokes good-natured fun at her medical team and herself. All while sharing personal insights into the cancer journey following diagnosis, a bi-lateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, and reconstruction.

Since 2011, Noreen has “wowed” audiences in Greater Boston with her Tina Fey-like brand of humor appearing at medical conferences and conventions, survivor events and fundraisers as well as pharmaceutical industry tradeshows. Audiences laugh out loud when they find out why chemotherapy is Latin for spa treatment. When they hear her tricks on pulling the cancer card or learn the best pre-op lines for their doctor. Noreen’s tips on “trophy wife” reconstruction redefines “hilarious.”

Here’s what audiences are saying about, “Thanks for the Mamories:”

“Loved her! Noreen makes what’s hard to talk about comfortable and healing for others.”
“Very entertaining! Noreen’s humor and poise are remarkable.”
“We can look at statistics all day, hearing how Noreen coped with the journey is much more relevant.”
“Her sense of humor is endearing, an inspiration.”

Whether sharing the stage with Dr. Susan Love, stealing the show at a pharmaceutical conference, or turning a survivors event into a memorable celebration of life, Noreen LaBatt’s “Thanks for the Mamories” will bring a fun and refreshing perspective to your next event.

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