Oscar De La Hoya

The only fighter to win eleven world titles in six different weight classes, and as CEO of Golden Boy Promotions the first Hispanic to own a national boxing promotional firm, Oscar de la Hoya is one of the most charismatic and beloved figures in the history of the sport. From the podium he recounts the thrilling story of his journey from a scrawny, bullied child in East Los Angeles to Olympic gold medal-winner, world champion, revolutionary fight promoter and businessman. He talks about his Foundation and his biggest battle, to knockout cancer. Oscar uses his experiences to motivate others to aim high and achieve their dreams too-no matter what obstacles seem to stand in their way.

Boxing’s Golden Boy streaked to fame with his gold medal victory in the 1992 Olympics, a medal he had promised his mother he would win as she lay dying of cancer. His electrifying success inside the ring, as well as his personal character and charisma, have made him a worshiped figure in the Hispanic community and one of the most respected fighters in the world.

While continuing his quest as a fighter, Oscar is revolutionizing the business side of the sport as CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. Founded in 1994 and already one of the nation’s leading fight promotion firms, but Oscar’s business interests extend well beyond boxing, he has applied his golden touch to land development, boxing promotion and newspaper publishing. From the podium, he shares the lessons he’s learned as a boxer, businessman and father, and the message that any dream can be achieved through hard work, vision and a desire to be a world champion, whether in business, life or philanthropy.