Pat Williams

Pat Williams is the senior vice president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Also one of America’s top motivational, inspirational, and humorous speakers, he has addressed employees from many of the Fortune 500 companies and the Million Dollar Round Table. Pat Williams has been a featured speaker at two Billy Graham Crusades and two Peter Lowe Success Seminars. He has also spoken on many university campuses.

Pat Williams was raised in Wilmington, Delaware. He earned his bachelors degree at Wake Forest University, his masters at Indiana University, and his doctorate in Humane Letters from Flagler University. After serving for seven years in the United States Army, Williams spent seven years in the Philadelphia Phillies organization, two as a minor league catcher and five in the front office. He then spent three years in the Minnesota Twins organization before moving to the National Basketball Association. Since 1968, Williams has been affiliated with teams in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia (including the 1983 World Champion 76ers), and now the Orlando Magic, which he co founded in 1987 and helped lead to the NBA finals in 1995. Twenty three of his teams have gone to the NBA playoffs and five of them have made the NBA finals. In 1996, Pat Williams was named as one of the 50 most influential people in NBA history by a national publication.

Pat Williams and his wife Ruth are the parents of 19 children, including 14 adopted from four nations, ranging in age from 18 to 32. For one year, 16 of his children were all teenagers at the same time. Pat and his family have been featured in Sports Illustrated, Readers Digest, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, The Wall Street Journal, Focus on the Family, New Man Magazine, plus all of the major TV networks, The Maury Povich Show and Dr. Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power.

Pat Williams teaches an adult Sunday school class at First Baptist Church of Orlando and hosts a weekly sports radio show. He has completed the Boston Marathon nine times and run 31 marathons in the past six years. Pat has climbed Mt. Rainier, plays in the Major League Fantasy Camps annually, and is a weight lifter and Civil War buff.