Patricia Bragg

Patricia Bragg is one-woman health organization. With 22 “self-health” books in print in 23 languages, Bragg has taken a leadership role in inspiring millions of people around the world to get on the path to good health. Whether passing out pamphlets at her local Santa Barbara farmers’ market or traveling the world (13 world trips to date) to lecture on a variety of health concerns, Patricia Bragg is a woman on a health crusade.

The daughter of the legendary Paul C. Bragg, the originator of health food stores and founder of America’s health movement, Patricia Bragg also introduced juicing and juice therapy in America. Patricia Bragg was destined to carry on the family name. The Bragg Health and Fitness Crusade taught million of people the secrets of good health, including a sickly, 15-year-old boy named Jack LaLanne who forever changed his life by adopting the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, and who is now a dynamic 84 years young thanks to Bragg. No one can say how long Paul Bragg himself might have lived had he not met with an unfortunate accident while swimming in rough seas at age 96.

A natural teacher, her father once said that Patricia was “born on a soapbox”. After receiving a Ph.D. and becoming a Doctor of Naturopathy, Patricia Bragg worked with her father full-time to bring this remarkable health program to the world.

Health giants Nathan Pritikin, and “Fit for Life” authors Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, got their first inspirations from Bragg‘s teaching. Key figures in the corporate world including J.C. Penney, Conrad Hilton, Dr. Scholl and Jherri Redding of Nexxus Hair Care are all among the many Bragg devotees who stayed healthy, fit and alert to almost 100. Movie celebs Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck also follow the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. Today, the irrespressible Patricia is beloved by millions and nutritionist to such notables as best-selling John Gray and Mark Victor Hansen. “I derive my greatest satisfaction from being a health crusader and helping millions of people via the written word, radio and TV, to improve their own health with our simple, easy-to-follow Bragg Healthy Lifestyle”, says Patricia. In fact, a staff of six responds to the volume of mail she gets, nearly 10,000 letters a week at times. To expand her outreach, a series of books on tape and CD-ROMS are available. A deeply spiritual woman, she believes “you can make your heaven here on earth. I make mine by sharing my message of health and happiness to everyone willing to listen”.