Pete Gustin

Pete Gustin is the most widely heard voice on the planet. Pete Gustin is also legally blind having lost the majority of his eyesight due to a genetic disorder called Stargadt’s Disease. Despite being physically unable to actually “read” any of the copy that gets sent to him, he developed his own system and has gone on to be heard on almost every major TV network in America including ABC, FOX, CBS, ESPN, FXX, Cartoon network, Comedy central and is also the exclusive voice of Fox News. He is also heard on thousands of radio stations across the world as well as some of your favorite blockbuster movie trailers. His work in trailers was highlighted by the Outstanding Movie Trailer Voice Over Award in 2018.

Pete is also a novelist having published two #1 Amazon fictions novels as well as a #5 release. Again, having never actually “read” a book in his entire life, his is a very unique and engaging style of writing.

Despite being encouraged to attend special schooling for the blind, Pete maintained a normal academic path going on to graduate Boston University in 1999. Beyond his work as a voice actor and novelist, Pete has also worked as a stand up comic, a cartoonist, the lead singer of a band and has even won numerous awards as a competitive sailor and swimmer.

Pete is also the host and star of the Blind Surfer series on Youtube where each week, he takes on a different challenge to show that despite his visual limitations, it is possible to find a way to achieve almost anything. From surfing to skateboarding to shooting guns and throwing knives, Pete really can do anything.

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