Phil Fragasso

Phil Fragasso has over 25 years of marketing experience in high-tech and financial services. Most recently he was President of I-Pension LLC. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Rydex Investments, Managing Director of Marketing for Columbia Funds, and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Sun Life Financial. His marketing career began at Honeywell and Wang, where he was an editor, team leader, and speechwriter.

Phil recently left the corporate world to pursue endeavors that were more fulfilling on a personal level and more contributory on a societal level. Exemplifying this focus is Phil’s current position as an adjunct professor at Boston College where he teaches at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. This interactive dialogue with young minds has proven to be the most enjoyable and rewarding work of Phil’s career.

Phil’s diverse experience has one common element: a focus on translating complicated subject matter into language that is simple and understandable. Phil strives to put himself in the place of the client, student, or reader and crafts messages that resonate and motivate. Each of the marketing departments Phil led has received numerous awards of excellence. And while “branding” has become a buzzword in marketing, Phil was there long before the crowds. He created the “Futurity” brand for Sun Life, was hired by Liberty Investments specifically to re-brand their five money managers under a single name, consolidated four investment companies under the Columbia Funds brand, and created an advisor-oriented “I-Branding” program for Rydex Investments that was exceptionally well received by the firm’s clients.

With a wife, two children, two yellow Labrador retrievers, and more interests than time allows him to pursue, Phil leads an active and balanced life. He’s been quoted as saying that “I live the American dream,” and that is indeed how he feels.