Ralph Hood

Ralph, you are a funny man…” Oprah Winfrey. Who are we to argue with Oprah Winfrey? Ralph Hood is indeed, a funny man.

Ralph Hood grew up among the marshes and beaches of Coastal Georgia, to become a pilot and aircraft salesman in Alabama. Along the way, he graduated from Clemson University. Ralph Hood says that through grit, determination and superior intelligence, “I was able to complete my four years of college in five years.”

During the eighties, Ralph Hood wrote an award winning newspaper column, and taught an aviation management course for southern Illinois University. “I live in Alabama,” he says, “but taught in California, Colorado, North Carolina and Florida for an Illinois University. There’s a committee looking into that right now.”

Today, Ralph Hood is a full time professional speaker whose travels have taken him from coast to coast and border to border. He also writes for a national aviation trade magazine. “My column”, Ralph Hood says, “is widely read by my mother.”

Ralph Hood compares flying an airplane to life itself in his uniquely humorous style. His workshops-sales, team building, motivation and customer service can change your bottom line. His humor can well, like we said, who are we to argue with Oprah.