Richard DeLorenzo

Mr. Richard DeLorenzo, an internationally known leader in education reform and organization restructuring, is best known for his uniquely comprehensive “grass roots” approach to reinvent our educational systems. Mr. DeLorenzo led the first K-12 district in America to go from a time-based system to a performance-based system where students must meet performance targets to graduate instead of earning credits. This has been successfully demonstrated within his Alaskan Chugach School District and 100 schools throughout Alaska. This historically challenged system made phenomenal strides and was one of the first ever education recipient of the prestigious National Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award in 2001 and the National Native American Exemplar Award. Mr. DeLorenzo is also founder of the Re-inventing Schools Coalition (RISC). This organization is currently working with stakeholders in over 250 educational systems to guide them in the areas of leadership, shared vision, standards-based systems and continuous improvement that will help transform their organization. Their mission involves producing innovative schools that offer every child the opportunity to fulfill his or her life dreams. Besides guiding districts in America, Mr. DeLorenzo has been invited to speak in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Argentina, Ukraine and England.