Rick Segel

Rick Segel & Associates is a twenty year old training, writing, publishing consortium with affiliate partners throughout the United States. Rick Segel, a Certified Speaking Professional, and Matthew Hudson, PhD have spoken in 49 states, on five continents, and delivered over 2,600 professional presentations. The most common words used by audiences are “we have never learned so much and laughed so much.” The philosophy that integrates fun, humor and playful behavior is critical in today’s highly stressful business environment. Because of that, they strive to incorporate a fun factor in almost everything they do.

Rick Segel is the author of 18 books, including two editions of the best selling Retail Business Kit for Dummies which has sold over 100,00 copies and translated into 7 languages. Rick’s number-one selling book, that is in its seventh printing, is Laugh & Get Rich, co-authored with Darren LeCroix, a past International Toastmaster’s Speaker of the Year award winner.

Matthew Hudson is the author of 2 books, including The Retail Sales Bible co-authored with Rick.

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