Rosemary Verri

*Rosemary Verri is a Professional Speaker and member of the National Speakers Association. Rosemary Verri travels throughout the United States and Canada educating and entertaining audiences with her lively and funny presentations on the Positive Power of Humor. Rosemary Verri has delighted audiences of doctors, nurses, therapists, bankers, teachers, sales people, students and anyone willing to laugh and learn.

With over 20 years experience as a social worker with the blind and a sales manager in one of the largest direct sales companies in the world, Rosemary learned early that a humorous approach to life helps us cope in an imperfect world. A good natured sense of humor will leave us flexible enough to address adversity, find a brighter perspective and enjoy our life.

In 1986, Rosemary Verri founded The Verri Idea! to help people recognize the part humor plays in their life. She encourages them to find the funny side, to appreciate the ridiculous, to view problems differently, to make sense of humor! It’s learned and developed.

Rosemary Verri says we have to find our bonbons, all those moments of joy and play that enrich our life. She is surrounded with them! Rosemary Verri and her husband, Gianfranco have 4 married children and 4 grandchildren. She is the oldest of 9 – all of whom live 15 minutes from her parents. There are 31 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren — so far! Some of the most relaxed and fun moments, Rosemary Verri says, come simply from the many family gatherings. Everyone has a story! Rosemary says: expect to be amused. If you’re looking for humor, it will find you.