Ruby Payne

Ruby Payne is the authority on working across economic classes to create sustainable communities where everyone can live well. An engaging and down-to-earth speaker, Payne translates abstract concepts into concrete strategies with a sense of humor that leaves audiences wanting more.

After changing the conversation in education to focus on poverty, Payne’s work expanded into social services, criminal justice, healthcare, the workplace, and emotional poverty. Two recent publications won IPPY awards: Emotional Poverty in All Demographics and Before You Quit Teaching.

Payne has written or coauthored many other books, including Bridges Out of Poverty. Her book A Framework for Understanding Poverty has sold 1.8 million copies and continues to help people achieve success.

Payne’s efforts have achieved a global reach, and she has worked in Australia, China, Europe, India, North America, and Southeast Asia. Payne founded a publishing and consulting firm, in 1996 which has received awards for its publications. Payne has published books with Solution Tree Press and the Association for Middle Level Education.

Ruby lives in Texas with her husband, Tee. She loves having time with her son, Tom, and his husband, Carlos, as well as Tee’s children and grandchildren.

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