Sam Glenn

For nearly three decades, Sam Glenn has become known worldwide as one of the leading experts and authorities on the topic of attitude. He has published over 30 books that highlight how to make your attitude work for you and the success of your organization.

In 2020, Sam delivered 68 keynote virtual speeches that focused on how to manage change and uncertainty with resilience, courage and optimism. Sam also gifted 330 of his original inspirational paintings on his Facebook page as a way to fuel optimism in a difficult time. As a result, Sam has been interviewed by countless journalists inquiring how he continues to turn a simple virtual session into a positively unforgettable experience for organizations of all sizes. Sam’s virtual speaking style is a very laid back, fun, engaging, personable, humorous, and artistic, while delivering great content.

In-Person, Sam Glenn is regarded as a conference favorite by kicking off meetings on a high note or wrapping things up and sending everyone off feeling inspired. Sam’s clients regard his speeches as a gift to their people. After you experience a Sam Glenn speech, you will understand why they are such a powerful gift.

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