Sam Glenn

With Sam Glenn, attitude changes everything. At one time, Sam Glenn was barely getting by working odd jobs at night. He was negative, depressed and sleeping in his car or on borrowed floor space. It was a series of positive events from knocking over the legendary Zig Ziglar at a buffet to simple cups of coffee with good friends that gave Sam what he calls a KICK IN THE ATTITUDE to turn his life around. Sam changed his negative outlook and began working on developing a more positive attitude.

As Sam’s attitude changed, everything changed. He discovered renewed purpose, happiness and humor. For the past 20 years, Sam has become regarded as one of the most fun, entertaining and inspirational conference kick off speakers. Sam has been named Speaker of the Year on several occasions by meeting and event organizations and won two national awards for his training videos. In addition, Sam is a gifted artist and author of 23 books that focus on personal and professional development. Sam and his growing family currently reside in Carmel, Indiana, although he is originally from Minnesota.