Sam Glenn

“Named One of The Top 100 Best Speakers Today!”
Keynote, Motivational Speaker, Attitude at Its Best with The Attitude Guy, Sam Glenn

Who is Sam Glenn?
The Authority on Attitude … aka, “The Attitude Guy”

With Sam Glenn, “It’s all about attitude and it all starts with attitude!” Sam went from working nights delivering newspapers – negative, depressed and sleeping on the floor and barely getting by – to discovering renewed purpose, happiness and humor.

Sam had one of the most negative and self defeating attitudes you would have ever encountered, but something happened that changed everything!

It was a chance encounter at a buffet, where Sam accidentally knocked over the legendary Zig Ziglar nearly 23 years ago. This led to a positive friendship between the two and with Zig’s encouragement, Sam got on tract in a new direction for his life.

Today Sam Glenn is known as The Authority on Attitude and highly recognized in the speaking industry as one of the most captivating kick off and wrap up general session speakers. Audiences gravitate to his humor, relate to his stories and embrace his relevant ideas for improving their personal and professional life.

For a little more than 21 years now, Sam Glenn has been traveling the country – full time – captivating audiences from every industry with his inspirational talks that focus on recharging attitudes for success. In addition to being an award winning inspirational speaker, Sam is a gifted performance artist and author of 18 incredible books on personal and professional development.

Sam Glenn has been honored by being named Speaker of the Year on several occasions by meeting and event organizations and won two national awards for his training videos. Hundreds of organizations use Sam’s videos – weekly – to kick off their staff meetings and cultivate positivity in the workplace. Sam and his wife and two girls currently reside in Carmel, Indiana, but are originally from Minnesota. Sam also has a popular online newsletter – Attitude is Everything, which he randomly gives away his artwork and paintings every month to one of his subscribers.

Sam Glenn has a very uplifting story and weaves it into his topics, which revolve around attitude, empowerment, leadership, peak performance, employee engagement, transformation, customer service and teamwork. Sam Glenn is an expert at igniting personal and professional positivity. If you are ready to hire one of the best speakers your group will ever experience, contact us today about booking Sam Glenn to bring a little attitude, energy and engagement to your next event.

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