Sherri Elliott-Yeary

Sherri is a member of the International Coach Federation, Texas Diversity Council, American Staffing Association, National Speakers Association (NSA), Women’s Foodservice Forum, and WBENC. Sherri has served as an expert on multiple business issues on various radio shows and publications in both Canada and the US.

In addition to consulting on standard HR practices, Ms. Elliott-Yeary has broken new ground in the HR industry by formulating and applying new strategies for the effective management of a multi-generational workforce. Her unique insight into generational problems in the workplace has made her a sought-after speaker and leader in the HR community. Her innovative consulting techniques and business savvy earned her the title of “Generational Guru”.

The publication of Ties to Tattoos established Ms. Elliott-Yeary as the leading voice in an HR movement which helps companies understand and successfully overcome the challenges of employing a multi-generational workforce. The book examines the profound differences between the four generations in the workplace today and the problems which can arise as a result of generational gaps-including talent retention issues, employee turnover, corporate communication, and sexual harassment claims. Her book has been accepted for national distribution through Barnes and Noble and the Society for Human Resource Management, which has created a flood of interest in Generation Y and the new challenges this group poses for upper level management.

As the Generational Guru, Ms. Elliott-Yeary also manages a team of experts who help companies overcome standard HR challenges and unleash the performance potential of people, leaders, and organizations. Her consulting firm offers career continuation services, executive development and talent management programs, and age impact preparedness education.

In response to increased interest, Ms. Elliott-Yeary authored her second book in 2012 titled – You Can Have It All, Just Not All At Once endorsed by Ms. Ebby Halliday.

Ms. Elliott-Yeary is extensively involved in her community, where she serves on the board of the Methodist Regional Medical Foundation; Build the Bridge Cancer Foundation, Staffing Management Association and the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. She is a certified coach with ICF, and an active mentor in her community.

Sherri’s mission is to reach out and help others by supporting them to achieve their dreams. She has spent considerable time conducting research, writing articles, and making presentations, in addition to mentoring tomorrow’s HR stars one-on-one.