Soraya Deen

Soraya Deen is the founder of the Muslim Women Speakers Movement, and Co-founder of Peacemoms (Promoting Christian Muslim /Dialogue). She is a spiritual activist, lawyer, certified Nonviolent Parent Educator and author of PEACE MATTERS – Raising Peace Conscious children. Her vision is to create 10,000 VOICES OF HOPE. She brings together Muslim Women and women of all faiths empowering them to resolve conflict, and be effective communicators, social activists and say “YES” to civic engagement.

Soraya also organized the first Interfaith Women’s Leadership conference at the Los Angeles City Hall October 2016. Of utmost importance today is to give power and place to Muslim Women’s Voices. Just as we confront the Islamophobic movements that are spreading far and wide, we must confront the patriarchy and misogyny in our communities. We can’t deny that an extreme ideology is living and thriving in some Muslim communities. Muslim women everywhere are read a BillOfRights that must conform to an epistemology of the 7th century. We must take serious cognizance of the quotidian struggles of Muslim women to be heard, to be relevant, to be taken as a solution. We must confront the tough issues that are crippling our community. We must recognize that all theology is CONTEXTUAL.

She calls on her community to rethink some CENTRAL concepts of the Islamic Religion. She encourages women not to stay at the bottom because it is too crowded.
Soraya speaks regularly to various religious groups, women’s groups and school assemblies, conducting highly interactive workshops and presentations. She has shared the stage with renowned motivational speakers and transformational leaders. She is a member of the world famous motivational speaker Les Browns group of Platinum speakers.

Soraya was the Director Chapters (2015) and won the President’s Award at ATDLA. (
Soraya is the Founder of THE WORK PLACE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM: A systems approach to COLLABORATIVE COMMUNICATION at the WORKPLACE. The system empower the individual and the team to resolve conflict, deal with difficult people and build strong personal and professional relationships. She was a featured speaker on DIVERSITY at Sony; PlayStation.

Soraya blends her legal expertise of over a decade with her uniquely diverse background to inspire people to navigate conflict and promote Human Connection. As an INTERFAITH CONSULTANT, she believes that people of faith must choose GOOD as much as they choose GOD.