Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs

Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs, daughter of late historian and best selling author Stephen Ambrose, is an accomplished researcher in her own right. She oversaw publication of Lewis and Clark Companion: An Encyclopedic Guide to the Voyage of Discovery with author Clay Jenkinson, which chronicles little known aspects of the journey, as well as the entire cast of characters and most beloved campsites.
Readers of her father’s book Undaunted Courage may remember the story of her family’s retracing of the Lewis and Clark trail in the summer of 1976. In his introduction, Ambrose details the events involved in their visit to the Gates of the Mountains, one of the most important landmarks on the trail, and the spot of his daughter’s meeting of her future husband, John, whose family operated the tour boats on which they would eventually exchange wedding vows.
Stephenie writes articles on local and state history and assisted her father in researching some of the material for his biographies. She received two degrees in history from the University of Montana, where she served as a teaching assistant under Foundation member Harry Fritz. She shares, with John, the honor of being listed as a boatman in the credits of the Ken Burns film on the Corps of Discovery. Ambrose served as a board member for the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Foundation in Great Falls.
Stephenie currently serves as Co-Chair of the Lewis and Clark Trust, serves on the Board of the Montana Preservation Alliance and on the Advisory Council for the American Prairie Reserve. She lives with her husband and sons in Helena, Montana.

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