Steve Lundin

Steve Lundin speaks from the heart. His genuine words have tugged at thousands of hearts, and have changed the way people look at life. Listening to Steve, you begin to understand that you can choose your response to life’s challenges.

Steve learned this lesson as a young man, when he worked at Camp Courage with physically challenged children and adults. Despite their serious physical limitations, the campers were some of the happiest, joyful, spirit filled people he has encountered. These campers taught Steve that life is precious as are the choices we make each day.

We often encounter circumstances that keep us from enjoying ideal workplaces. Steve Lundin draws on years of experience as a psychologist, MBA professor, business consultant, best selling author and filmmaker as well as the FISH! Philosophy (which he helped to create) when he works with businesses. He is the co-author, along with Harry Paul and John Christensen, of the popular FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale, Performance, and Results. Steve shares his wealth of knowledge, helping them to change their workplace culture, and create a workplace where people can truly experience the one life that is theirs to live.

Steve Lundin is known as the Big Tuna because he creates lasting, meaningful learning experiences from the unique threads of his life. Steve will inspire you to: create a workplace that is equal measures of joy, productivity and integrity recognize and live the hundreds of potential “vision moments” you have each day take the step you are hesitating to make the one that requires courage be present for others by realizing that this moment will never come again develop an atmosphere so tightly framed by a vision and so open that difficult conversations become routine and consciously choose your response to the events you encounter on your life’s journey.

By sharing his powerful, personal and authentic message, Steve Lundin awakens his audiences to the possibilities that exist in every workplace, every home and every life.