Sue Hansen

Sue Hansen specializes in helping people become better people-it’s her mission, her mantra and her passion. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology, post graduate work in business, certification as a behavioral analyst and her many years experience in business ownership Sue Hansen uses these power tools to initiate and sustain change in organizations and in the people who make up those organizations.

Sue Hansen consults with both the profit and nonprofit sectors; shaping and training boards, teaching principles that build better teams and develop influential leaders. Sue Hansen specializes in working with teams. Lets face it working together can be difficult and when a team fails to achieve its goal, often times the reason is interpersonal collisions. Team members need to be aware of the interpersonal behaviors that stand in the way of team achievement and learn to adapt those behaviors to increase their credibility. Sue Hansen‘s areas of special interest and expertise include communication, conflict and confrontation, team dynamics and leadership development.

What you see is what you get with Sue Hansen, honesty, integrity and a down to earth approach to work, life and having fun.