Talee Vang

Riveting speaker and motivational storyteller, Dr. Talee Vang is a Hmong American refugee who comes from a long line of overcomers, freedom fighters, and strategists. In addition to her incredible lived experiences, she is a social scientist and weaves in the science of human behavior with strategies to dismantling systems of oppression.

Personable, authentic, and engaging, Dr. Talee Vang is a licensed psychologist with expertise in integrating and advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging (DEIB), as well as health equity to organizations at every level. With in-depth knowledge of human behavior in organizations and the workplace, Dr. Vang draws from the psychology of individual, group, and organizational behavior then applies this evidence- based knowledge to finding solutions to problems at work.

Dr. Vang has developed and conducted corporate trainings on implicit bias aimed at decreasing health disparities, antiracism, how to be an ally, disarming microaggressions, and navigating intersections of identities through critical epistemology. Skilled at conceptualizing complexity, tailoring strategies and trainings to the unique need of any organization, Dr. Vang has a collaborative style that works well with matrixed organizations and staff at all levels including executive leadership.

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