Tamra Busch-Johnsen

Tamra Busch-Johnsen is Executive Director of the Business Education Compact, a 24-year-old private, non-profit organization connecting businesses and schools in innovative programs throughout Oregon. A diligent advocate to the Compact’s mission to “Make Education Real”, Tamra Busch-Johnsen forged the way for the development of the Compact’s Student Internship Program for Math, Science and Technology students. She also created the Compact’s nationally and state recognized Educator Excellence Program that provides an avenue for teachers to build relevant curriculum from participating in a summer business internship opportunities.

The Compact’s most recent addition to its services is the Collaborative Teacher Development Initiative. With the backing of strategic alliances that involve educators from K-12 to universities and business, the Initiative is focused on improving the ways educators are trained, and most important, the way they engage students and inspire life-long learning.

Tamra Busch-Johnsen has been a keynote speaker at national, state and regional conferences, testified at State Legislature and U.S. Congressional committees and provides visionary leadership for staff and Board members, instilling participation in mission and goals of organizations.

Tamra Busch-Johnsen has been Executive Director of the Compact since 1985. Prior to coming to the Compact, she taught junior high and high school English in the Kodiak Borough District in Kodiak, Alaska and in the Beaverton School District in Beaverton, Oregon. Tamra also served as President of the teachers’ union in the Beaverton School District and is currently an adjunct Professor of Portland State University.

Tamra Busch-Johnsen earned her Bachelors Degree from Wisconsin State University, Masters Degree from Lewis and Clark College and her Administrative Certificate from Portland State University.