Ted McCain

First and foremost, Ted McCain is an educator. He has taught high school students at Maple Ridge Secondary School in Vancouver, B.C. for twenty-nine years. Although he has had several opportunities to take other jobs both inside education and in the private sector, he has felt his primary calling is to help prepare teenagers for success as they move into adult life. Ted McCain has taught Computer Science, Business, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Ted continues to teach at Maple Ridge Secondary where he now teaches digital art courses in PhotoShop, 3D modeling and animation, special effects for film, website design, and music composition and sound engineering.

In 1997, Ted McCain received the Prime Minister’s Award For Teaching Excellence. Ted was awarded this prestigious Canadian national award for creating his innovative “problems first” approach to instruction, his “4 D” approach to problem-solving, his unique use of role playing in the classroom, and his idea of progressive withdrawal as a way to foster independence in his students.

In addition to his work as a high school teacher, Ted McCain has also taught technology courses at a junior college. He has also consulted with schools and school districts for over twenty-five years on effective teaching for the digital generation and the implementation of instructional technology.

Ted McCain has authored or co-authored eight books on the future, graphic design, effective instructional approaches for preparing students for the modern world, and designing schools for the 21st century. Currently, he has two new book projects underway.