The Reverend Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton is the founder and President of the National Action Network (NAN), a not-for-profit civil rights organization headquartered in Harlem, New York, with over seventy chapters nationwide. Recent NAN activism has focused on crucial national cases such as voter engagement, national gun violence intervention, jobs, corporate responsibility, immigration reform, health care reform, and seeking justice in cases including Trayvon Martin, Ramarley Graham, and Kendrick Johnson, to name a few.

Whether it was his noteworthy Presidential run as a candidate for the Democratic Party in 2004, or his compelling speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, MA, Rev. Sharpton has had an irrefutable impact on national politics and civil rights because of his strong commitment to equality and progressive politics.

Rev. Sharpton hosts a nationally syndicated radio show that broadcasts in 40 markets, five days a week. He also serves as the host of “PoliticsNation,” which airs weekends at 5 p.m. ET on MSNBC.

Reverend Al Sharpton, is the author of “The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership”. In the book, Reverend Al intimately discusses his personal evolution from street activist, pulpit provocateur and civil rights leader, to the larger-than-life man he is today, while providing a series of essential life lessons that readers can adopt to transform their own lives.

Rev. Sharpton was educated in New York public schools and attended Brooklyn College. He has an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Bethune-Cookman University, Virginia Union University and an honorary degree from A.P. Bible College. He also received the BET Humanitarian Award.

Rev. Sharpton says his religious convictions are the basis for his life and on most Sundays he preaches to congregations across the nation.