Tom Joyner

Tom Joyner, known as ‘The Hardest Working Man in Radio’, has distinguished himself as one of the most influential, inspirational, and dynamic media personalities in the country today. He has won virtually every top radio award.

A native of Tuskegee, Alabama, Tom Joyner is so much more than a radio personality: He’s an entrepreneur, an entertainer and a philanthropist. He is founder of REACH Media Inc., the Tom Joyner Foundation,, and host of the leading nationally syndicated morning radio show, Tom Joyner Morning Show, which features a who’s who in celebrities, political figures, newsmakers and comedians.

Tom Joyner has become a motivating and organizing force for the country. He has led voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, major fundraising initiatives to help families and students affected by Hurricane Katrina. Tom Joyner and members of his crew also have prompted major companies to stop discriminating against African Americans and Hispanics in advertising and are in the trenches in raising health awareness among African Americans with its annual ‘Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day’.

A graduate of Tuskegee (Institute) University, Tom Joyner began his broadcasting career in Montgomery, Alabama, at WRMA-AM immediately after graduation. With a bachelor’s of science in sociology in hand, he ventured into several other markets, including WLOK-AM in Memphis; KWK-AM in St. Louis; KKDA-FM in Dallas; and four different stations in Chicago.

In the mid-1980’s Tom Joyner made his claim to fame when he accepted simultaneous positions as “morning drive man” at Dallas’ KKDA and “afternoon drive man” at Chicago’s WGCI. Flying everyday between the two cities to work eventually earned Tom Joyner national recognition, the name “Fly Jock,” seven million frequent flyer miles, syndication and undoubtedly the largest audience of any urban radio program. He’s also the author of “I’m Just a DJ But … It All Makes Sense to Me” (Warner Books).

This national pacesetter resides in Dallas with his wife, fitness guru Donna Richardson, who is the fitness expert. Joyner has two sons, Thomas Jr., who is the chief executive officer of the Tom Joyner Foundation, and Oscar, who is the president and chief operating officer of REACH Media, Inc.