Tom Schimmer

Tom Schimmer is an independent education author, speaker, and consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). He is recognized as a leader and expert in the areas of assessment for learning, sound grading practices, educational leadership and positive behavior interventions and supports.

Tom has been an educator since 1991. His teaching career began at Vancouver College in Vancouver, BC where he spent 7 years (1991-1998) as a full-time classroom teacher having taught a variety of subjects from grades 7-12. He then spent the next 11 years as a school administrator. After spending one-year (1998-99) as the Assistant Principal for the Senior School (10-12) at Vancouver College, Tom moved to School District No. 67 in Penticton, BC (Canada) where he was a middle school (6-8) Assistant Principal for 7 years (1999-2006) and a High School (9-12) Assistant Principal for three (2006-2009). In 2009, Tom was appointed to the position of District Principal (2009-2011) where he was a member of the senior management team and was responsible for overseeing the efforts to support & build the instructional capacities of teachers & administrators throughout the district.

Tom is an experienced, sought-after presenter who has delivered both keynote and workshop sessions and major conferences, as well as for schools and/or school districts throughout North America, as well as internationally. International assessment and grading workshops can be conducted in Vietnam, China, Myanmar, U.A.E., and Thailand.

Tom’s first book, “Ten Things that Matter from Assessment to Grading,” was published by Pearson Canada (May 2011) and Pearson ATI (January 2013). Tom’s latest book, “Grading from the Inside Out: Bringing accuracy to student assessment through a standards-based mindset,” was published in January 2016 (Solution Tree).

Tom holds a Teaching Degree from Boise State University (1990) and a Master’s Degree (Curriculum & Instruction) from the University of British Columbia (1999).