Tom Wootton

Since 2003, Tom Wootton has addressed groups throughout the United States at state and national conferences on mental health. He is working cooperatively with Mental Health leaders, government programs and consumer oriented groups.

When he was diagnosed with bipolar, Tom rejected the concept that his best days were behind him or that this condition would ruin his life. He set out to discover and forge a different path and created tools and techniques for others to help them along the way. He is pioneering concepts and challenging our thinking about Mental Health more than anyone else in the field today.

Tom Wootton is a passionate agent of change. He has authored two books: “The Bipolar Advantage” in 2005, and “The Depression Advantage” in 2007. He is currently writing another book and co-authoring books with doctors teaching in the Advantage Program. His enthusiasm for the subject has produced lectures, videos, workshops and books in an effort to change the way everyone thinks about living with depression or bipolar.

The company he founded, Bipolar Advantage, states their mission is to help people with mental conditions shift their thinking and behavior so that they can lead extraordinary lives. They are dedicated to the concept that recovery does not have to be limited to 90% of full function; true recovery means doing the hard work that brings you to 150%! We strongly believe that we can turn our ‘condition’ into one that becomes an advantage instead of an ‘illness’ or a ‘disorder.’ The Bipolar Advantage Program is a collaboration between expert therapists, coaches, and peers offering educational workshops, assessments and treatment with results
worth striving for.

Delivering intelligent, personal insight with humor and hope. He demonstrates by his own example how anyone living with a mental condition can gain control over their life and inspires confidence in others. Tom offers a logical path for all of those living with mental conditions and illustrates clearly why the cooperation of mental health professionals is so important to achieving success.

Tom Wootton specializes in accelerative learning techniques. He taught internet technologies, training and development worldwide in the 1990’s. His clients include: Visa, HP, Cisco, Baan, Ford, Lucent, Sage, Ericsson, British Telecom, NSA, AT&T, Nokia, Siemens, and many more. Wootton lives in the San Francisco area.

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