Tomasz Drybala

Tomasz Drybala is a Keynote Speaker (Mindful Leadership), Extreme Runner and Author of the book “Mindful Self-Leadership: How to unlock focus, creativity and joy in work and life.”

In his keynotes, Tom equips leaders and their teams with mindful movement tools to support positive behaviours, improve mental health and learn to deal effectively with change and adversity. Build intrinsic motivation and develop more resilience in the workplace and all other areas of life. Navigate stressful situations with calmness and clarity, and cultivate an ability to be present, open-minded, and compassionate when interacting with team members.

His presentation includes real takeaways – actionable tips, techniques and strategies that your teams can implement immediately.

Tom’s ultra-running challenges consist of five million steps in 101 days, running 11,000 kilometres unsupported through Asia and 2,500 kilometres through Scotland, England and Poland.

On September 30, 2022, he started running the circumference of the Earth, 25,000 miles from New York to London. For 40 months, Tom will run across four continents and 22 countries, conducting over 400 events, building trauma-informed communities, raising funds for UNICEF, promoting his book, and participating in research led by leading UK sports scientists.

His running challenges and work have been published around the world and presented, inter alia, in National Geographic, Red Bull, New York Post, The Daily Mail, and Fox TV.

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