W. Mitchell

W. Mitchell understands challenge and change first hand. Two accidents within four years left him first burned, then paralyzed. But Mitchell‘s indomitable spirit and amazing courage was not bound by physical limitations his story is one of moving on, taking action, embracing change and accepting responsibility. His life now clearly illustrates his philosophy – that all limits are self-imposed.

From founding chairman of Vermont Castings to election as the Mayor “who saved a mountain,” Mitchell‘s message is of overcoming challenges – in the world of business, and in everyday living. Mitchell‘s determination and tenacity have resulted in him becoming an extremely successful businessman, author and one of the world’s top keynote speakers. For recreation, he pilots a small plane, river rafts and sky dives.

Warm, fun-loving and easy to work with, W. Mitchell entertains as he inspires and motivates. He opens minds with stories and anecdotes, as he speaks with passion about the human spirit, and tells his own poignant story. From laughter to tears, he takes audiences on a thought-provoking journey of self-discovery-focusing on the positive of change-in order to overcome and prosper in the face of adversity. With humor, wisdom, and insight, he touches hearts, offers substance, and encourages sales people, senior managers, business leaders and people in all walks of life to accept responsibility and take action.