William Parrett

William H. Parrett has dedicated his career to improving public schools that serve children and adolescents who live in poverty. He has co-authored nine books, the past three being best-sellers. The award-winning Turning High-Poverty Schools Into High-Performing Schools, co-authored with Kathleen Budge, has been adopted throughout the United States and abroad to guide sustainable improvement and student success in high-poverty schools. Bill and Kathleen’s newest book, Disrupting Poverty: 5 Powerful Classroom Practices, was honored as an ASCD Member book and provided to over 50,000 educational leaders and classroom teachers worldwide as a part of its official release in January of 2018.

Bill joined Boise State University in 1996 as a Professor in the College of Education’s and University’s first Doctoral program. He was also appointed as the initial Director of the Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies and charged with its creation. Over the past 21 years, Bill has led the Center’s growth, development, and acquisition of over $70 million dollars in externally funded state-wide school improvement projects, initiatives and partnerships. Bill is also a frequent speaker on the topics of Disrupting Poverty and School Improvement at international and national events, to state and regional educational organizations and agencies, and to school districts and schools spanning 44 states and 10 nations.

Throughout his career, Bill has worked to improve the educational achievement of ALL children and youth, particularly those less advantaged.

These efforts have positively impacted the lives of thousands of young people.

Also available to co-present with his co-author Kathleen Budge.