The basics of voting

In a little over a month, the people of the United States will be hitting the polls to vote for the candidates they believe will best serve them for the next term as well as issues that are on the ballot. However, a percentage of the population will choose to opt out of voting. There are many reasons why people choose not to vote. Some of the reasons include that they’re too busy, aren’t passionate about the candidates or issues, or don’t think their vote will count. Despite this, every person should head out to the polls on November 4.
1. The biggest percentage of people who vote are the higher class & are of the older generations. This causes each vote to typically have the same result. If people of all classes & generations voted, the results could be drastically different & our country could be a better place. It also raises the question whether we can consider it a democracy if only a section of the country are voting.
2. A person’s voting participation is basically a learned activity. If you are a teenager and you see your parents, grandparents, etc., voting, then that causes you to be more interested in voting. If parents take the small time out of their day to vote, it can cause your child to want to follow in your footsteps and have a say in how our country is going.

3. Finally, there are many different issues that are being voted on in this election. Each of these issues, whether it be the war overseas, gay marriage, stem cell research, the building of casinos, the economy, etc., we need everyone to voice their opinion because it does matter and then the results will be more of a decision of the people rather than a decision of a small percentage. 

So now here’s the biggest question: How do you vote?

1. Make sure you’re registered. If you’ve voted before, then you’re already registered and you can simply go to your nearest polling place. However, if you’re not, simply Google “register to vote in ____” filling in your state and you can register online at your state’s website. Typically, the deadline to register to vote in within the next two weeks so act fast!

2. If you cannot make it to the voting location for health reasons or you’re attending college in another state, you can request an absentee voting card through your state’s Secretary of State’s office. You can also find all this information online. 

3. Look up the issues and the people running for office! You want to be an informed voter so you can correctly vote on the right person or right issues based on your personal opinions. There are many big elections this November INCLUDING the Presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney so it’s very important to be informed and vote. 
On November 4, each and every person should make the trip to their nearest polling location and cast their vote. Your vote will make a difference!

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