The back to school season is more palatable than ever. Chillier weather and a harvest season are walking up to our door. The discussions generated throughout the month of August brought us with more in-depth ideas than ever.


Our first week encouraged people to follow great ideas. No one can possibly be a leader all the time, and followers are the innovators who put plans into action. Followers are the people who built the great and terrible monuments and milestones.


August is one of the most popular vacation months. Therefore, it’s important to understand that other countries pick on each other too. Half the bonding experience abroad is finding out which of your country’s stereotypes are accurate enough to laugh at.


Finally, we point out the elephant in the room of back to school season, letting education debates flare up for the rest of the year. However, with so many needs to meet, controversies surrounding which method is best allow for better options.


Keep coming back for September! Our speakers and ideas are not going anywhere!


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