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Charlie Dry

The story of the NASA Test Astronaut is relatively unknown yet these test astronauts were

Lei Wang

First Chinese Woman to Climb the World’s Seven Summits and Ski to both the North

Don Wildman

Don Wildman has fast become one the most recognized faces in documentary television. Whether pulling

Kyle Maynard

Kyle Maynard is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur and athlete. Despite being born with arms

Ted Nugent

With over 30 million albums sold and more media face-time than most active politicians, Ted

Waldo Waldman

Rob “Waldo” Waldman – The Wingman – is a professional leadership speaker and author of

Sharon Wood

Sharon Wood has never considered herself a hero. But in 1986, she became the first

Rick Steves

Rick Steves advocates smart, independent travel. As host of the public television series, Rick Steves‘

Dick Rutan

Voyager Aircraft’s non stop and unrefueled flight around the world in December of 1986 placed

Dr. Joseph MacInnis

Dr. Joseph MacInnis is a physician-scientist, author and deep-sea explorer. He has led over 30

Roz Savage

There is no better way to acquire advanced expertise on self-mastery, resilience, and stress management

Dewitt Jones

Dewitt Jones is one of America’s top professional photographers. Twenty years as a freelancer for

Peter Hillary

People are inspired by great adventure. And the name Peter Hillary is synonymous with adventure.

Rob Lilwall

“The only constant in life is change”, so said the philosopher Heraclitus. Today, issues of

Warren MacDonald

Warren MacDonald’s life boundaries were redefined in April 1997 with his accident on North Queensland’s

Dr. Robert Ballard

Best known for his 1985 discovery of the Titanic, Robert D. Ballard has succeeded in

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