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Egypt Sherrod

Egypt Sherrod has been named “America’s most beloved real estate agent”

Brian Unger

Brian Unger began his broadcasting career at WOUB, a public radio station in his native

Mary Alice Stephenson

Mary Alice Stephenson is a renowned fashion and beauty expert, style commentator, humanitarian and the

Peter Simon

Peter Simon, is a nationally acclaimed photographer, photojournalist, author, music historian, and instructor who has

Keri Glassman

Nationally recognized nutrition expert and published author Keri Glassman is the founder and president of

Vern Yip

HGTV Design Star judge Vern Yip is an award-winning architectural and interior designer who gained

Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs

Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs, daughter of late historian and best selling author Stephen Ambrose, is an

Don Wildman

Don Wildman has fast become one the most recognized faces in documentary television. Whether pulling

Mitzi Dulan

Mitzi Dulan, America’s Nutrition Expert, is a nationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert who has

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden truly exemplifies today’s modern working woman. An award-winning journalist, bestselling author, motivational speaker,

Cathy Areu

Cathy Areu named a magazine maven by NPR, and one of the “most influential women

Dr. Michael Roizen

Michael F. Roizen, MD is cofounder of RealAge and chairman of the RealAge Scientific Advisory

Ben Glenn

Ben Glenn, The Chalkguy, is president of Chalkguy Media International, a company dedicated to sharing

Dr. Peter Alsop

Peter Alsop is a nationally known singer-songwriter, educator and humorist with a Ph.D. in educational

Pauline Frommer

Pauline Frommer is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. The Travel Show, which she

Chef Robert Irvine

Chef Robert Irvine goes where few chefs dare. He is equally at home preparing his

Melissa Galt

Melissa Galt is a national lifestyle designer, speaker and author. The great granddaughter of acclaimed

Karen Schaler

Three-time Emmy award-winner and sought after motivational keynote speaker, Karen Schaler, is the creator and

Rick Steves

Rick Steves advocates smart, independent travel. As host of the public television series, Rick Steves‘

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