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William Bennett

William J. Bennett is one of America’s most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural,

Dr. Gary Chapman

As anyone who has attended one of his marriage conferences knows, Dr. Gary Chapman’s expertise

Roland S. Martin

Over the course of a journalistic career that has seen him interview multiple U.S. presidents

Dr. LeRodrick Terry

Dr. LeRodrick Terry is an experienced leader and innovator in higher education. His professional track


One of America’s Top Inspirational Comedians What’s the toughest audience you can imagine? Teenagers? U.S.

Dr. Alveda King

Dr. Alveda C. King is actively working toward her purpose in life, to glorify God.

Ben Glenn

Ben Glenn, The Chalkguy, is president of Chalkguy Media International, a company dedicated to sharing

Steve Young

NFL Hall of Famer and former San Francisco 49ers All-Pro quarterback Steve Young, is a

SQuire Rushnell

SQuire Rushnell – yes, capital Q – has set himself aside from others throughout his

Joan Brock

Joan Brock is an extraordinary woman, author and speaker! She has transformed adversity into challenge,

Coach Kevin Kush

Kevin Kush, M.A., has been a teacher and coach for more than twenty-five years and

Mahtob Mahmoody

Mahtob Mahmoody was born in Texas in 1979 on the cusp of the Iranian revolution

Elizabeth Smart

The abduction of Elizabeth Smart was one of the most followed child abduction cases of

Dr. Charles Petty

Dr. Charles Petty was reared in the farming communities of England and Stuttgart, Arkansas. As

Betty Mahmoody

In August of 1984, Michigan housewife Betty Mahmoody went to Iran with her husband and

Willie Jolley

Willie Jolley is America’s Premier Celebrity Speaker- Singer-Author…Inspiring Millions with Music & Motivation! Willie Jolley

Dr. Jim Harris

Dr. Jim Harris is founder of To a Higher Level, LLC, an international speaking, consulting,

Louise DuArt

Louise DuArt, often called one of the world’s greatest comedic-impressionists, continues to astonish critics and

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