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Dr. Richard Cash

Internationally recognized education consultant who speaks on teaching, curriculum coordination, and program administration

Eric Mazur

Memorization or Understanding: Are we teaching the right thing?

Kim Geddie

Leading Educational Consultant/Author and Classroom Teacher

Erik Francis

Increasing student achievement, teacher effectiveness, program compliance, and overall school performance

William Parrett

William H. Parrett has dedicated his career to improving public schools that serve children and

Allison Zmuda

Allison Zmuda is a full-time education consultant specializing in curriculum, assessment, and instruction. She works

Chris Lehmann

Chris Lehmann is the founding principal and CEO of the Science Leadership Academy and the

Dr. Katherine McKnight

Dr. Katherine McKnight is a dynamic presenter, dedicated teacher, and award-winning author.

Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm

Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm is an internationally-known teacher,author, and presenter. A classroom teacher for fifteen years,

Ron Ritchhart

Ron Ritchhart is a Senior Research Associate at Harvard Project Zero and Fellow at the

Janie Ray Smith

Janie Ray Smith specializes in supporting schools and districts through consulting and workshop experiences focused

Dr. John L. Brown

John L. Brown is a member of two training cadres: Understanding by Design and What

Elizabeth Rossini

Elizabeth Rossini is an educational consultant who specializes in teacher training. She is a cadre

Suzie Boss

Suzie Boss is an education writer, consultant, and frequent presenter on the topic of project-based