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Tony DelaRosa

Award-winning Filipino American Educator and author of Teaching the Invisible Race: Embodying a Pro-Asian American Lens in Schools

Pete Hall

Award-winning former principal and best-selling education author

Annette Breaux

Author, Educator, Expert in student achievement, classroom management, and new teacher induction

Ron Berger

Ron Berger is a well-known keynote speaker nationally and internationally on inspiring a commitment to

Sekou Andrews

GRAMMY-nominated artist, Award-winning Innovation & Inspiration Expert, “Hamilton Meets TED” keynotes

Niki Spears

Author, Expert Eduprenuer, and Chief Culture Cre8or

Pedro Noguera

Award winning educator focused on research and advocacy efforts aimed at fighting poverty

Adrienne Dixson

A dynamic scholar-leader committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion, specializing in using research-informed practices to build equity-minded infrastructures.

Brad Johnson

Dr. Brad Johnson is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers in the fields of education and leadership.

Ruby Payne

The #1 educational K-12 professional development speaker in the USA, and The nation’s leading expert in the “mindset of poverty”

Dr. Douglas Reeves

Author of more than 30 books and 80 articles on education, leadership, and organizational effectiveness

Kathleen McClaskey

Kathleen McClaskey, M.Ed. is CEO and Chief Learning Officer of Empower the Learner, LLC, founder

Harvey Alston

Former Head Football Coach, Educator, Business Professional and Author

Jo Gusman

EL Program Consultant, School Support & Improvement Facilitator, Bilingual Education Cross-Cultural Specialist, Biliteracy Reading Instruction Consultant

Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm

Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm is an internationally known teacher, author and presenter. He has been a

Dr. Will Miller

Expert in stress and coping, interpersonal relationships, organizational health, wellness and workplace culture

Ralph Fletcher

Educational consultant, and author of books for both children and professional educators on the art of writing

Brad Geise

Senior Director for Education for the Future

Wendy Murawski

Executive Director and Eisner Endowed Chair for the Center for Teaching and Learning at California State University, Northridge

Dr. Steve Perry

Educational Leader, Author, Daytime TV Host, Personal Responsibility Advocate

Eric Mazur

Optical physicist, author of Peer Instruction, speaks on innovation in education and technology in the classroom

Xavier Cooper

Former NFL player, investor, and co-founder of the scholarship fund Everyone Learns Differently

Dr. Temple Grandin

Author and professor of animal science whose personal story of living with autism has inspired millions

Kate Roberts

National literacy consultant and top-selling author

Charles Waters

Poet, Educator, and Author of 4 books including the award-winning CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR?

Kyle Schwartz

Teacher and author of I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids

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