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Funkadesi is a dynamic ensemble of musicians that integrate East Indian music (Hindi film, folk,

Andre Philippe Gagnon

An impressionist with an eye on the world, Andre Philippe Gagnon can slip into Joe

Anthony Galie

An author, speaker and trainer, Anthony Galie is a Psychotherapist with a B.A. Degree In

Randy Cabral

As a entertainer for over fifteen years, Randy Cabral has performed over five thousand shows

Jose Feliciano

Latin pop singer who has 6 Grammy Awards and over 40 gold and platinum albums

Martin Dube

Born and raised in the cosmopolitan French charm of Montreal, Quebec, Martin Dube began performing

Rick Corso

Rick Corso was selected as one of Showtime’s Comedy Club All-stars and picked to be


A famous entertainer from the Czech Republic is introduced, having flown directly from sell out

Carmen Ciricillo

Clean Comedy tailored to the Construction and Contracting Business

Lewis Black

George Carlin, Larry King and Jules Feiffer love Lewis Black. They love him because his

The Onion

The Onion is an award-winning satirical news organization, delivering unrivaled journalism and reaching millions of

Mark Eddie

An international comedian who delivers dead-on musical impressions of Al Green, Neil Diamond, Shaggy, Dave Matthews and more

Bob Anderson

In 2015, VH1 voted Bob Anderson the #1 celebrity impersonator in the world

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