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Leana Wen

Physician, Healthcare Executive, CNN Medical Analyst, Former Baltimore Health Commissioner, Contributing Columnist – The Washington Post

Josh Linkner

Entrepreneur, CEO, Bestselling Author, Venture Capitalist, Professional Jazz Guitarist, on a Mission to Drive Creativity, Innovation, & Reinvention

Ben Nemtin

#1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want to Do Before You Die?

Van Jones

Author, CNN political contributor, host of the Van Jones Show and main advocate for the Green Jobs Act

David Nico

Best-Selling Author, Top Health Strategist, Leadership and Well-Being Expert

Andre Koen

Program Director for the Mayo Clinic in the area of Diversity and Inclusion

Pandit Dasa

Mindful Leadership Expert, Author and Former Monk

Dr. Will Miller

*Exclusive with AEI Speakers* Expert in stress and coping, interpersonal relationships, organizational health, wellness and workplace culture

Michael Apkon

President and CEO of Tufts Medical Center with a unique perspective on both the US health care system as well as the single payer Canadian system

Thomas Koulopoulos

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Futurist and author of eleven books including his most recent, Revealing the Invisible, The Gen Z Effect, and Cloud Surfing

Diane Sieg

Creator of the Resilience Academy, ER Nurse, Author of STOP Living Life Like an Emergency!

Nicholas Webb

World-renowned Business Futurist, Innovation Thought Leader, Author

Elisa Hays

Expert on empathy-fueled leadership, resilience, and inclusion

Jean Blaydes Moize

Founder of Action Based Learning, Expert on how brain research supports the link of movement to enhanced learning

Karen Daley

*Exclusive with AEI Speakers* Recent President of the American Nurses Association, Once voted among the “Top 25 Women in Healthcare”

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