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Holly Mandel

Expert on unleashing Authentic Confidence in women

Aaron McDaniel

Combining multi-generational teamwork expertise with strong corporate experience, Aaron looks at the changing workforce

Vinh Giang

He shares 3 key business ideas and demonstrates them using the art of magic with on-stage audience participation

Robert Bryce

Robert Bryce is the author of six books on energy and innovation, in which he

Warren Moon

Pro Football Hall of Famer with the Houston Oilers and current Broadcaster

Gerry Brooks

Elementary school principal, popular YouTube personality, and author of Go See the Principal

Ashley Fox

Spanning a 24-year career in television her credits include 7 years as a lead NFL reporter and analyst for ESPN

Cedric King

Purple Heart recipient, double amputee, endurance athlete, author of The Making Point: How to succeed when you’re at your breaking point

Michael Apkon

President and CEO of Tufts Medical Center with a unique perspective on both the US health care system as well as the single payer Canadian system

Simon T. Bailey

An Educator, Innovator and Writer who Teaches People to be Fearless and Create their Future

Kristen Hadeed

Founder of Student Maid, a successful cleaning company and author of Permission To Screw Up

Brad Geise

Brad has over 25 years of experience facilitating the use of data for Continuous School

Tim Elmore

Dr. Tim Elmore is the Founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization created

Natalie Stavas

Award winning Harvard Physician, mentor, runner, and international humanitarian

Lawrence Jones

Fox News contributor, investigative journalist and Campus Reform’s Editor-in-Chief

Thomas Murray

2017 Education Thought Leader of the Year, Author of Learning Transformed

Brandon Fleming

*Exclusive with AEI Speakers* An at-risk youth and college dropout turned award-winning Harvard educator

Nathan Jamail

Expert Speaker, Best Selling Author & Executive Coach on Sales, Culture & Leadership

Tyrone Howard

2015 UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award Winner and one of the 50 most influential scholars in the nation informing educational policy, practice and reform

JJ Birden

Best Selling Author, Ex- NFL Player, Entrepreneur

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