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Kurt Wuthrich

Kurt Wuthrich is the Swiss scientist who, with John B. Fenn and Tanaka Koichi, won

Grant Imahara

Electronics and radio-control specialist Grant Imahara is a former animatronics engineer and model maker for

Tory Belleci

Tory Belleci began work on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters in 2003, doing work behind the scenes.

Jeff & Rich Sloan

You may have seen them on CNN or MSNBC, read about them in the New

Steve Mallet

Steve Mallett is the Owner and Managing Editor of Linux and Open Source news website

Peter Pace

General Peter Pace, United States Marine Corps (Retired) General Peter Pace retired from active duty

Gopal Kapur

Gopal Kapur, founder and president of the Center for Project Management consults, writes and educates

Kevin Mitnick

With more than thirty years of experience in exploring computer security, Kevin Mitnick is a

Dr. Louis Ignarro

Louis Ignarro is a Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the UCLA School of Medicine and

Andy McAfee

Andy McAfee is a principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business in the

Dr. Eric Drexler

Often described as “the founding father of nanotechnology”, Eric Drexler introduced the concept in his

Don McMillan

Don McMillan graduated from Stanford University with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1982,

David Clark

Dr. David Clark was Chief Architect of the Internet and a passionate advocate for its

Dick Rutan

Voyager Aircraft’s non stop and unrefueled flight around the world in December of 1986 placed

Dr. Kary Mullis

Kary Banks Mullis, Nobel Prize winning chemist, was born on December 28, 1944, in Lenoir,

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