We work for YOU, the meeting planner–not the speaker!

AEI Speakers Bureau always puts the meeting planner first. You can be assured that you will be presented with the best speaker suggestions based on your needs. AEI Speakers Bureau also has a larger variety of speakers than other bureaus, and we are constantly adding new speakers to our roster. Our bureau is not limited, so you will not be limited!

You will not pay more to work with AEI Speakers Bureau.

You will never pay more to work with our bureau. The speaker pays our fee, not the client, so working with AEI Speakers Bureau will cost you the same as going to the speaker directly or booking the speaker through another bureau. Plus, we provide services like arranging travel and detail coordination for no extra charge–it’s all part of the service when you work with AEI Speakers Bureau.

Can’t find a speaker on our website?

We’ll track him or her down for you. At AEI Speakers Bureau, our full-time staff works hard every day finding speakers for our clients. Give us a name, and we’ll give you the fee and availability. There is no speaker too hard to find!

We have a history of providing great service.

For decades, AEI Speakers Bureau has provided corporations, associations, town halls, non-profits, schools and women’s groups with outstanding speakers and outstanding service.

AEI Speakers Bureau is your place for one-stop speaker shopping.

If you’re booking 3, 4, 5 or more speakers, why go through the hassle of dealing with multiple offices when everything can be handled through one? AEI Speakers Bureau will keep you organized throughout the planning and execution of your events. Whether it’s assistance with travel planning or gathering details on a speaker’s A/V requirements, you will only need to be in contact with one office–no matter how many speakers you’ve booked.

Have more questions? We have the answers.