Our agents work with you to pinpoint the ideal speaker for your event. Once you’ve made your choice, your agent will send our Firm Offer Form to fill out with all your event details and once you return it, we will connect with the speaker and get you locked onto their calendar!

Once your selected speaker is onboard, our Director of Operations will send you our agreement and start the invoicing process while our Event Coordinator will introduce herself and start collecting the logistical information.

Now that you have met our team, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty! Our Event Coordinator will work with you and the speaker to get everyone all the pertinent details, coordinate conference calls so everyone is on the same page and arrange for travel.

It’s show time!! Time for your successful event! Once your event plays and you see how smoothly everything went, you will be ready to start planning the next one and we will be there ready to help you!

Featured Speakers

  • William Bennett
    Over the course of his professional life, in education, government and the private sector,...
  • Darren Woodson
    Three-time Super Bowl champion, Five-time Pro Bowl selection
  • Robin Steinberg
    Robin Steinberg is the CEO of The Bail Project, a national organization modeled after...
  • Terry McAulay
    Rules Analyst, Sunday Night Football, Football Night in America, and Notre Dame Football
  • David Horsager
    Bestselling author of “The Trust Edge” speaks on leadership, growth, performance and corporate culture
  • Rob Paulsen
    Maybe you’ve never heard of Rob Paulsen. But you’ve heard him. A lot.
  • Jared Bowen
    Emmy award-winning host of the weekly television series, Open Studio with Jared Bowen
  • Ron Berger
    Ron Berger is the Senior Advisor for Teaching & Learning at EL Education, a...
  • Robert Strong
    This twice voted San Francisco’s ‘Best Comedian’ and three times voted San Francisco’s ‘Best...
  • Deion Sanders
    The Only Athlete to Play in Both the Super Bowl and the World Series
  • Bianca de la Garza
    Bianca de la Garza is an Emmy® Award-nominated television host, journalist and media entrepreneur....
  • Kristen Hadeed
    Founder of Student Maid, a successful cleaning company and author of Permission To Screw...
  • Jon Dorenbos
    14 year NFL veteran, finalist on America's Got Talent, author and focus of a...
  • David Brancaccio
    David Brancaccio is the host and senior editor of Marketplace Morning Report. Airing five...
  • Angela Oh
    Angela E. Oh is an attorney/mediator who handles cases involving discrimination, hate crimes, sexual...
  • Gerry Brooks
    Elementary school principal, popular YouTube personality, and author of Go See the Principal
  • Elisa Hays
    Expert on empathy-fueled leadership, resilience, and inclusion
  • Melissa Lavigne-Delville
    CEO of Culture Co-op and One of the Foremost Experts on Culture and Trends
  • Greg Verdino
    Futurist & Business Transformation Expert, Author of Never Normal, Co-Creator of The Adapt Manifesto
  • Walter Bond
    Brings a message that is Customized, Solutions Oriented and Results Driven
  • Mark Jeffries
    Art of Business Influence, Former Stockbroker
  • Ambassador Munir Akram
    Former Ambassador from Pakistan to the U.N., Former President of the Security Council, Former...
  • Vinh Giang
    He shares 3 key business ideas and demonstrates them using the art of magic...
  • Edmund Morris
    Edmund Morris is one of America's best political biographers and journalists. He is best...
  • Eric Rossen
    Author of Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students: A Guide for School-Based Professionals
  • Tyrone Howard
    Social Justice Advocate
  • Dan Pallotta
    Dedicated to transforming the way the donating public thinks about charity and change
  • David Rabiner
    Expert on Leadership Development through Challenges, Influencing Others and Teamwork
  • David Bryson
    Host of the Top Rated “Why Can’t You?” Podcast
  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson is the founder and CEO of Supernova Companies, leading the effort to...
  • Roy Petitfils
    Author of several books, addresses issues like life changes, depression, suicide, anxiety, eating disorders...
  • Michelle Poler
    Founder of Hello Fears, a Social Movement Empowering Millions to Step Outside of the...
  • Adora Svitak
    Writer, Speaker, and Advocate for causes including feminism, youth empowerment, and literacy
  • The Danger Committee
    Customized Comedy and Daring Visual Antics which are Good Clean Fun for any Organization
  • Leonard Pitts Jr
    Writer, Winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary
  • Christian Gansch
    Grammy winner, renowned conductor, consultant & author of From Solo to Symphony - What...
  • Risha Grant
    Award-winning diversity consultant
  • Chris Edwards
    Changing your gender from female to male takes balls. And if you’re going to...
  • Marc Lewis
    A Cognitive Neuroscientist now Blogging, Writing, and Speaking on the Science, Experience, and Treatment...
  • Alex Sheen
    Founder of because I said I would, Alex Sheen shows the importance of honoring...
  • Alan ONeill
    International Business Consultant and Non-exec Board Director Working with Blue-chip Organizations Across the Spectrum...
  • Alec Torelli
    One of the most successful high stakes poker players in the world
  • Victoria Labalme
    With a presentation that is funny, theatrical and poignant she talks about being “Risk...
  • George Couros
    George Couros is a leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and...
  • Ben Kronberg
    Stand Up Comedian with his own Half Hour on Comedy Central
  • Michelle Schenandoah
    Writer, Thought Leader and Traditional member of the On^yota':aka (Oneida) Nation Wolf Clan of...
  • Matthew Horace
    Author of The Black and The Blue, A Cop Reveals the Crimes, Racism, and...
  • Joe Theismann
    Joe Theismann is an iconic former NFL quarterback. During his 11 seasons as the...
  • Lawrence Jones
    Fox News contributor, investigative journalist and Campus Reform's Editor-in-Chief
  • Cedric King
    Purple Heart recipient, double amputee, endurance athlete, author of The Making Point: How to...
  • Gerald Posner
    Investigative journalist and author of thirteen books, including Case Closed, Killing the Dream, God's...
  • Brandon Farbstein
    Standing at 3’9” he has transformed the lives of so many individuals across the...
  • John Foley
    Former Lead Solo Pilot of the Blue Angels
  • Tarun Wadhwa
    Writer and Entrepreneur Working at the Intersection of Technology, International Development, and Public Policy
  • Paul White
    Psychologist, Speaker, Author and Consultant Dr. Paul White is a psychologist, author, speaker, and consultant...
  • Anna Maria Chavez
    First Latina to lead The Girl Scouts; Chief Impact Officer of Encantos; Former CEO...
  • Joe Andruzzi
    3x Super Bowl Champion and cancer survivor
  • Leana Wen
    Physician, Healthcare Executive, CNN Medical Analyst, Former Baltimore Health Commissioner, Contributing Columnist - The...
  • "Science" Bob Pflugfelder
    "Science Bob" Pflugfelder
    “Science Bob” Pflugfelder is a science teacher, author, maker, and presenter that knows how...
  • Jon Picoult
    Customer experience and leadership expert, Advisor to CEOs, Author, Founder of Watermark Consulting
  • Robert Safian
    Highlighting the Future of Business Robert Safian is one of the most sought-after speakers, moderators,...
  • Aaron McDaniel
    Combining multi-generational teamwork expertise with strong corporate experience, Aaron looks at the changing workforce
  • Bill Taylor
    Co-Founder of Fast Company and Business Author
  • Linda Edgecombe
    Certified Speaking Professional, Hall of Fame Speaker, Award Winning Philanthropist
  • Edgar B Herwick III
    Edgar's radio features can be heard on WGBH's Morning Edition and All Things Considered,...
  • Brad Geise
    Brad has over 25 years of experience facilitating the use of data for Continuous...
  • Brent Gleeson
    Navy SEAL Combat Veteran - Entrepreneur - Bestselling Author
  • Dr. Tasha Eurich
    Best-selling author who helps sales, business leaders and entrepreneurs improve their self awareness and...
  • Bathsheba Smithen
    Speaker, radio personality, performing artist, author, educational consultant, 7th grade English teacher and CEO
  • Matthew E. May
    Matthew E. May is an internationally recognized thought leader on strategy, innovation, and lean....
  • Patrick Henry
    Author, Songwriter, and Business Humorist
  • Lulu Garcia-Navarro
    Lulu Garcia-Navarro is the multi-award winning former host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday and...
  • Sampson Davis
    Named “One of The Premiere Role Models of the World” by Oprah Winfrey, Physician,...
  • Holly Mandel
    Expert on unleashing Authentic Confidence in women
  • Irwin Redlener
    Director of the Pandemic Resource and Response Initiative of the NCDP at the Earth...
  • Colby Jenkins
    Leadership Training & Team Building from an Army Green Beret
  • Alan Beaulieu
    One of the country’s most sought-after economists
  • Meaghan Corson
    Meaghan is truly passionate about storytelling, so it’s no surprise she started her career...
  • Karen Catlin
    Advocate for Inclusive Workplaces, Author of Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging...
  • Joe Torrillo
    25 year Lieutenant with the NYC Fire Dept who was buried alive when the...
  • Michael Apkon
    Former President and CEO of Tufts Medical Center with a unique perspective on both...
  • Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr
    President and CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus, an organization that has registered thousands...
  • Jack Mackey
    What Customers Love: What Every Leader Must Know and Do Well
  • Robert Wise
    Former Governor and author of Raising the Grade: How High School Reform Can Save...
  • Tim Elmore
    Dr. Tim Elmore is the Founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization...
  • Gregory Stock
    Best-Selling Author, Leading Authority on New Technologies that will Radically Disrupt Health Care
  • Jennifer Arnold
    Star of the hit TV show “The Little Couple”, this real life doctor’s family’s...
  • Andre Koen
    Program Director for the Mayo Clinic in the area of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Nicole Maines
    *Exclusive with AEI Speakers* Transgender Youth Advocate, Actress, subject of the NY Times bestseller...
  • AJ Carr
    Youth Actor, Community Activist
  • Karen Tui Boyes
    Expert in teaching pedagogies, lifelong learning & study smart strategies
  • Mina Starsiak
    Star of HGTV’s Good Bones and co-founder and owner of Two Chicks and a...
  • Courtenay DeHoff
    Founder of the global brand movement Fancy Lady Cowgirl
  • Christopher Emdin
    A social critic, public intellectual and science advocate whose commentary on issues of race,...
  • Johnny Cupcakes
    Top Innovator in Retail
  • JJ Birden
    Best Selling Author, Ex- NFL Player, Entrepreneur
  • Crystal Kadakia
    Millennial Author, Re-Imagines Workplace Culture for the Information Age
  • Mike Massimino
    Former NASA Astronaut, NY Times Best Selling Author, First Person to Tweet from Space,...
  • Robert Costa
    Robert Costa is an acclaimed national political reporter and analyst, and co-author of Peril...
  • David Corn
    Veteran Washington Journalist and Political Commentator
  • Dave Kerpen
    Dave Kerpen is the founder and CEO of Likeable Local, a social media software...
  • Kevin Sheridan
    Keynote Speaker & Employee Engagement and Virtual Management Expert
  • Marissa Orr
    Former Google & Facebook executive, bestselling author, and leadership speaker
  • Michael Young
    Michael A. Young, MHA, FACHE, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Temple University...
  • Peter Zeihan
  • Jay Baer
    Talk Triggers: Turn Your Customers into Volunteer Marketers
  • John Perricone
    Winner of the Distinguished Teacher Award 12 years in a row and author of...
  • Nancy Giordano
    Leading Strategic Futurist
  • Phil Hansen
    The "Artist for the People", Widely Known for his Videos that Document the Creation...
  • Ashley Fox
    Spanning a 24-year career in television her credits include 7 years as a lead...
  • Nathan Jamail
    Expert Speaker, Best Selling Author & Executive Coach on Sales, Culture & Leadership
  • Seth Mattison
    Fourth Generation Farm Kid, Internationally Renowned Expert and Author on Workforce Trends, Generational Dynamics,...
  • Connie Dieken
    Top-selling Author, Executive Coach Specializing in Developing Leadership and Presence
  • Richard Elmore
    Richard Elmore joined the faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1990,...
  • Robert Bryce
    Author of six books on energy and innovation
  • Frans Johansson
    Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author on Executive Leadership, Diversity Driving Innovation and Success
  • Heidi Neck
    Heidi Neck, Ph.D., is a Babson College Professor and the Jeffry A. Timmons Professor...
  • Chris Riddell
    Global emerging trend spotter for businesses, homes and workplaces and first ever Chief Digital...
  • Erin Merryn
    Author, Activist, Speaker, Wife, Mother, and Force Behind Erin's Law
  • Mary Kelly
    Commander Mary Kelly Brings military strategies, tactics, and motivation to leaders looking for resilience...
  • Joyce Cummings
    Joyce and her husband Bill have awarded over a quarter of a billion dollars...
  • LtCol Patricia Murray
    Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Instructor Pilot for the California Air National Guard, Expert on Leadership...
  • Victoria Thompson
    STEM coach and consultant for education in technology
  • William Parrett
    Through his books and lectures Bill has helped transform high poverty public schools into...
  • Claudette Rowley
    CEO of Cultural Brilliance, Thought Leader, Author and Speaker in the Field of Organizational...
  • Vishaan Chakrabarti
    Architect, educator, and author, Chakrabarti designs and advocates for an ecological and equitable urban...
  • Fredrik Haren
    Global keynote speaker known as “The Creativity Explorer”, author of 10 books including “The...
  • Natalie Stavas
    Natalie went from Runner to First Responder in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing
  • Simon T. Bailey
    An Educator, Innovator and Writer who Teaches People to be Fearless and Create their...
  • Ben Nemtin
    #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want to Do Before...
  • Julie Wilson
    Coach and Advisor to School Leaders, Educational Institutions, and Foundations Whose Mission is to...
  • Sean Wybrant
    2017 Colorado Teacher of the Year, Next Generation Learning Strategies, Technology Use in the...
  • Dr. Kristen Lee
    Award-winning Behavioral Science Professor, Clinician and Author
  • Michael Matera
    Proclaimed nationally and internationally as a gamification guru he transforms the traditional classroom into...
  • Jake Cohn
  • Charles Clark
    An expert in personal transformation his high-performance mindset and empowering presentations are based on...
  • Johnny Joey Jones
    Combat Injured Marine Corps Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician; Military Analyst on Fox News
  • Matt Booth
    As an Attitude Expert, Matt’s humor, quick wit, and ability to connect with your...
  • Candacy Taylor
    *Exclusive with AEI Speakers* Cultural Documentarian, Author of the bestselling book, Overground Railroad: The...
  • Dr. Will Miller
    *Exclusive with AEI Speakers* Expert in stress and coping, interpersonal relationships, organizational health, wellness...
  • Michelle Lee
    MIT-trained computer scientist, attorney, first woman Under Secretary of Commerce and former Head of...
  • Justin Forsett
    Former NFL player
  • Mike Hayes
    Commanding Officer of SEAL Team TWO in Afghanistan, former Director of Defense Policy and...
  • Warren Moon
    Pro Football Hall of Famer with the Houston Oilers and current Broadcaster
  • Jim Knight
    Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author (Culture That Rocks), Podcaster (Thoughts That Rock)
  • Jeffrey Skunk Baxter
    His program brings together his years as an advisor to the Pentagon and his...
  • Brooks Bell
    Entrepreneur turned colon cancer prevention activist
  • John Engels
    Expert on relationship management, emotional maturity, succession planning, and life beyond work