Mike Domitrz

Do you want a lead authority who is going to have your audience rolling in the aisles from laughter and then just minutes later have everyone mesmerized in silence as he shares his personal story of overcoming tragedy to impact the world with a positive message?

Known for asking questions that bring each audience their own insightful strategies and solutions for moving forward in relationships, Domitrz inspires couples, parents, teens, families, educators, the US military, and corporations to take a new look on what a “healthy relationship” means.

While companies love to talk about customer service, how many organizations are taking time to talk about “Family Service” – respecting your partner at home by “Asking First.” A happier home makes for a much more productive empoyee and team member.

With Domitrz, your employees and colleagues will have a blast gaining new skills for talking with their partners about intimacy AND better preparing their own sons and daughters for the scary decisions surrounding intimacy and dating.

How is Mike so successful with audiences of all ages, including: teenagers, college students, athletes, educators, parents, military, and corporate professionals? Mike understands that audiences want CONTENT while also being uplifted and entertained — especially when discussing a sensitive issue. They want a compelling and powerful program that each person can relate to in a meaningful manner. For this reason, Mike takes each audience on a journey from hilarious laughter to hard-hitting questions and then provides the answers each person can use in his or her own life.

In just the past decade, Mike’s books on relationships have sold over 40,000 copies and his DVD/book set was recognized as one of the Top 50 Books for Parenting (voted on by teenagers from around the country).

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