The Danger Committee

Planning your next event? Your attendees have a myriad of distractions in the palm of their hand. Smart meeting planners are getting more creative and discerning about what they put on stage.

And You’ve Found an Industry Favorite!

​For over a decade, The Danger Committee has eliminated boredom, increased engagement and retention, and transformed corporate meetings with their customized comedy and daring visual antics.

Their successful run on NBC’s America’s Got Talent sets a high bar of expectation and this trio from the Twin Cities exceeds it every single time.

You might be surprised to know…

– Combined, they’ve worked with companies in over a dozen countries on three different continents.

– One of their members has been recognized twice by the International Film and Video Awards for Outstanding Creative.

– One of their members has moderated a panel discussion on Enterprise Risk Management that included advisors to the World Bank and the CFO in charge of the world’s largest corporate operating budget.

– One of their members has been asked to introduce a United States President.

– They have been contracted to facilitate multi-city training programs spanning several months.

– They are consistently ranked as superior in post-conference feedback.

– They have been invited to participate in ongoing innovation programs by multiple training companies and corporations.