Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard, U.S. Olympic swimmer and model, wowed audiences when she swam in her first Olympic competition at just 14 years old. Amanda Beard is only the second youngest Olympic medalist in the sport’s U.S. history, and has since gone on to compete in four consecutive Olympic games. Her innocence and naivete captured the attention of audiences and the media alike. Earlier in her swimming career Amanda Beard was pictured clutching her teddy bear, taking it with her wherever she went, including on the medals stand. She currently holds over eight U.S. championship titles, and her athletic ability was recognized in 2003 when she was ranked as the world’s number one swimmer in the breaststroke category.

Amanda Beard is also well-known outside of the sports industry, she’s been a guest commentator on Fox News network’s Best Damn Sports Show Period, where she covered major sporting events. She has also graced the covers of FHM and Playboy, and was notably featured in the popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. When she’s not doing appearances for her Olympic sponsors, Amanda can be found touring the U.S. and speaking on a variety of women’s issues. Amanda Beard also educates young swimmers about the importance of setting high goals and overcoming obstacles in the pool and in life.

A dedicated mother, athlete, and positive role model, Amanda Beard remains influential in every aspect of her life.