AJ Carr

AJ Carr is a phenomenal 16 year old professional public speaker, he is already a high school graduate, and he is a professional SAG actor. He currently has a recurring role in the new Showtime series “The Chi”, created by Lena Waithe & produced by Common. He has had co-starring roles on NBC’s “Chicago PD”, PBS’s “Mercy Street”, & most recently, the FX series “Atlanta”. AJ is an amazing actor, but it’s what he does with his personal time that makes him so extraordinary.

AJ is the owner of an organization called “Building Bosses”. He created “Building Bosses” to help the youth to explore & cultivate their talents, promote leadership & positivity, build character through self-esteem by teaching self-worth, & encourage our youth to become productive members of society. Building Bosses is a program that pairs young people with successful, local business owners who provide guidance and ongoing mentorship.

AJ travels to different cities to speak to young people, and host “Youth Empowerment Events”. He works very hard to inspire positive change in the community, and he has had many accomplishments at such a young age. There have been many news stories about him and the work he does. He has been the keynote speaker for major events, and he has presented to audiences of more than 1000 people. He was featured on the front page of the CapTimes, he has received 3 letters of commendation from The White House, & a documentary film has been created about AJ titled “AJ Carr”, and it will be shown in schools in multiple states. AJ strives to make a difference in as many young lives as possible, and inspire positive change.