Scott Carney

In 2011, investigative journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney wrote an article for Playboy about the dare-devil ice guru Wim Hof with the intention of showing the world that he was a charlatan. This certainly wasn’t Carney’s first time setting out to expose someone he perceived to be a peddler of dangerous wellness practices, but this assignment didn’t work out the way he had expected – Hof’s method worked.

Instead of debunking him, Carney became the first journalist to take Hof and his methods seriously, trying everything from freezing ice baths to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro without a shirt. He wrote a book about his experiences – a New York Times Bestseller called What Doesn’t Kill Us – and embarked on a yearslong journey of developing new environmental training techniques.

Using the lessons he learned from his time with Wim Hof and other masters of risk-taking from around the world, Carney wrote another book called The Wedge and now travels the country teaching teams to use their environments to get in touch with their emotions, embrace risk and use sensations from the environment to manage the stresses of everyday life – especially in the workplace.

The science is complex, but the idea is simple. It isn’t dumb luck that our ancestors were able to walk across the freezing tundra and scalding desert without a fraction of the technology we have today. We all possess natural mechanisms for handling external stressors but, in our climate-controlled, perfectly temperate homes and offices, we have become addicted to comfort and neglect what lies just below the surface.

The good news is that, by paying attention to physical sensations and learning how to regulate our emotional responses, we have the power to change our underlying program. Carney’s seminars can teach your team to get in touch with a deeper, more resilient version of themselves, and participants will walk away with simple self-care techniques that even the biggest skeptics can get behind. He’s given talks to crowded ballrooms with thousands of people in the audience, and in conference rooms with top thinkers on university campuses, in tech centers and business enclaves.

To see him on stage take a look at a speech he recently gave in Aspen about the Wim Hof method and underlying principles of The Wedge. Or this Ted talk about how the environment alters human biology.

We would love to talk to you about having Carney speak at your event, to help build effective leadership teams and take your organization to the next level.

Here’s what other thought leaders are saying about Scott’s work.

“Scott tackles big topics – stress, resilience and finding the linkage between physicality and spirituality – showing us his willingness to challenge our conventional assumptions.
– Brad Stulberg, best selling author of Peak Performance

Prepare to enter an intriguing world of self-improvement and physical and mental performance that you’ve ever before discovered”
– Ben Greenfield, New York Times best selling author of Beyond Training.

“Damn fun and extremely well researched”
– Steven Kotler, New York Times Best selling author of Stealing Fire

“We are all in this together. Crazy good writing.”
– Wim Hof, fitness guru and Iceman

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