Lee Jenkins

If every one of the skilled professionals in the building trades did their best in a building with a defective foundation, 95% of the building’s problems would remain. Likewise, if every educator did their best, 95% of the current schooling problems will remain. Significant improvement will not occur until education’s foundation is replaced.

Lee Jenkins explains precisely how; the result is 6 times the learning.

The first three foundation replacements are:
1. Replace data for discouragement with data for encouragement
2. Replace cram/forget with a remembering system that makes cramming impossible
3. Replace “if, then…” control mechanisms with gratitude and celebrations

When these three foundation defects are replaced, the intrinsic motivation students bring with them to kindergarten is maintained. In Lee’s book, How to Create a Perfect School, he defines perfect as a school where intrinsic motivation is maintained from kindergarten on through grade 12.

With humor, interesting stories, profound insights and never-before-envisioned solutions, Dr. Jenkins transforms the education foundation so that best efforts do bring about great learning success.

Lee Jenkins has spoken in most USA states, Canada, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, India, The Netherlands, and Germany. Audiences will recognize how he weaves together Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset, John Hattie’s research and wisdom, plus W. Edwards Deming’s continuous improvement principles. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Sandy.

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