Jay Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan is Medical Director of the Studer Group and Director of Service and Operational Excellence for CEP America Emergency Physician Partners. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Kaplan was named the American College of Emergency Physicians’ Outstanding Speaker of the Year in October 2003 and in 2007, Studer Group honored him with the prestigious Physician Fire Starter Award.

Dr. Kaplan’s life work has been partnering with physicians, hospital leadership teams, medical groups, and hospital staff to provide them with tools and tactics to improve patient care while changing the culture of the work environment in a way that inspires and motivates everyone to succeed. He is a catalyst who focuses on countering negativity to increase teamwork and facilitate change even in individuals who are usually “no, can’t, won’t” people.

Dr. Kaplan is not a “consultant”, rather a “resultant”, focusing on achieving desired results and hardwiring processes and systems to meet and exceed organizational goals. As Chairman of Emergency Services for his health system, he led his system’s emergency departments to the 98th percentile in patient satisfaction and his own emergency department was in the > 90th percentile for 6 years in a row.

Dr. Kaplan currently travels the country working with healthcare providers in a variety of environments using proven methods and strategies to improve service and operational excellence. As a speaker, he has many presentations on various topics aimed at different types of audiences. He also is available to coach organizations on their journey to ensure they are consistently achieving their desired results. In addition Dr. Kaplan works one-on-one, mentoring physicians by providing specific tools to improve patient care.

Dr. Kaplan is dedicated to working with hospitals, medical groups, and physicians to provide exceptional care and extraordinary service to patients . . . at the same time focusing on creating a great place for employees to work and for physicians to practice medicine.

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